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The Best Cheap Sunglasses Little Money Can Buy

Just when you thought Theodore Roosevelt crushed monopolies in 1890 with Sherman's Hammer, Luxxotica comes along. This Italian company owns everything, top to bottom, concerning sunglasses in the U.S. They own the coolest sunglasses: Ray Ban and Oakley. They own the retailers: Sunglass Hut, Lens Crafters, and Pearle Vision. They even own their own eye care insurance business operating in the U.S. …


2013’s Best Lightweight Jackets

A light jacket is a useful thing, serving as an extra layer on cold days or as your primary outerwear when the weather warms up. So stock your closet with one of 2013’s best lightweight jackets.


Philly’s Most Proper Gentleman

There’s something special about stuff made in the USA. Which is why our Backstage Pass series spotlights guys who craft top-notch goods right here at home. First up, Craig Arthur von Schroeder, purveyor of peerless suits, shirts and accessories…