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Getting More Popular Every Day

Not yet two years old, LA clothing brand Popular Demand appears to be on a swift rise to the top. We caught up with creative director and C.E.O. Blake Ricciardi to get the scoop on the line, the mindset and what it takes to stand out from the pack.


How to Build a Sharp Suit Ensemble

Every man needs one great suit, and then he can grow from there. But how? We asked image and style expert Grant Harris to make sense of it all, and he answered the big questions about cultivating a smart professional wardrobe. Take notes.


4 Expensive Mens Grooming Products Worth The Money

More and more men are beginning to understand that grooming is not only important but is becoming necessary. Whether it’s about wooing another woman or impressing your colleagues at work, a well-groomed appearance always leaves lasting impressions. Here are 4 products that we believe will are good investments: 1. Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream Kiehl’s produ …


Threads: ISAORA

Co-founders Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels take you through the latest and greatest from their line of sportswear that transitions seamlessly from snow and surf settings to the urban world. Lots of brands have tried it—these guys actually pull it off.


A Clothing Guide For The Adult Gamer

  You’re a guy. You like guy stuff. Steak, kung-fu movies, beer, all of that, right? But you’re more than that. You’re a gamer. The noble past time of playing videogames is more than what you do, it’s who you are. Unfortunately, the media, some members of the opposite sex, and other people have stereotyped games in unfair ways. Chief among their charges is the …


Threads: 3×1 Custom Jeans

Founder/owner Scott Morrison takes us through his Soho denim operation, which produces unbeatable made-to-measure jeans, from scratch, right before your very eyes. He also shares some tips on finding your fit. Hint: skinny jeans ain’t for everyone.


Threads: HVRMINN

Co-founders Kevin Wang and HVRMINN explain what makes their Jazz Age-style suits so special. As their legendary, presidential tailor, Martin Greenfield, says: “I believe young people, if they’re talented, I make ’em even bigger.” He ain’t lyin’…


Dress Smarter With Five Four Club

There are a lot of “of the months” we can do without, but we just discovered what that could change your life. It’s called Five Four Club, and it rocks.


4 Things Your Pad Says To A Woman

You may be immune to all the weird stuff in your apartment, but certain things can be a complete turn off or turn on for women.