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Threads: Staple Design

Creative agency, design studio, menswear collection, retail store and more. Jeff Staple explains his operation, his love for pigeons and how his looks end up on everyone from LeBron to Jay-Z to Mike Tyson. Plus, bold new styles for summer. Take notes.


Get Smooth! Manscape Like a Man

Most women prefer a man who is well-dressed and well-groomed—from head to toe. So while you might not be ready to slip into a pair of skinny jeans, it’s probably time you started doing a little manscaping. A top grooming expert shows you how.


11 Eye-Catching Summer Shoes

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you should be wearing sandals everywhere you go. Turn the heads of a few bikini-clad cuties with these 11 Eye-Catching Summer Shoes.


Threads: Saks Fifth Avenue

Ready to upgrade your seasonal style? Saks VP and men’s fashion director Eric Jennings takes you through three fresh looks that’ll make you the hit of every summer gathering. Khaki suits, dressy sneakers and built-in pocket squares included…


Meet Maide, Golf’s Hottest New Label

With the US Open upon us, it’s high time we introduced you to Maide, a fresh new golf brand that even guys who spend most of their time drinking in the clubhouse can rock with confidence.


6 Men’s Summer Styles You Should Never Ever Wear

The sands of time can't help a man's fashion crimes. If lifeguards were fashion judges, some of men's summer styles would face the death penalty. What styles in summer fashion stand out in all the wrong displays? Let's count the ways with these six men's summer styles you should never, ever wear. Socks under sandals. Being too comfortable can work against you and your fashion statement. Firstly …


4 Kinds Of Shoes Every Man Should Own

  Buying shoes can be a tortuous activity for a man. You see, us males, have a very short attention span and you need to know exactly what type of footwear you are looking for, and how it will look alongside your choice of attire before parting with your hard-earned money for the item. But there are some shoes that every male needs. So, here are four kinds of shoes every man should own. …


5 Slim Wallets Every Man Will Love

  Picking out a wallet has turned into a tumultuous ordeal for fashion minded men. Gone are the days when you used to be able to simply shove your money, cards, and coins into your pocket with disdain. Now you have to find the perfect wallet for your clothes and style. And rather than purchasing a large wallet that can hold everything you own to place in your trousers, a slim wallet is …


The Men’s Guide To Denim: What You Should And Should Not Wear

If you want to wear denim, then you need a men’s guide to denim so you know what you should and should not wear. Denim can be a great look on any guy. But wear it wrong, and you’ll be sending all your potential dates running for the hills. Get tailored. Don’t try to wear a denim jacket that doesn’t fit you. The cut needs to conform to your body type. This means, you will likely need to have the …


The 5 Hottest Men’s Hairstyles Today

Women are wild about hair, and it may be time to address yours. If you’re ready to depart from the same haircut you’ve had since eighth grade, check out the looks our grooming expert loves right now. Yes, the Bruno Mars pompadour is among them...