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Nathan Bogle’s B.S.-free Style

Who says male models are one-dimensional? This outspoken Brit, cofounder of Rag & Bone and eschewer of the term “metrosexual” talks trends for spring, his new line, Jardine, and how a dude who cares how he looks can still be a dude.


Threads: Don Ville

Staying true to traditional cobbling, LA’s Don Ville creates bespoke American shoes with a European flair. Owner and head shoemaker Raul Ojeda takes you through the shop, shows you his tattoos and explains how he crafts the finest footwear you’ll ever lace up.


Seth Howard Elevates Your Look

Having lived and worked in men’s fashion for years, the new style director at custom clothier Alton Lane knows a bit about looking good. We talked with him about the perfect suit, breaking rules and how Mad Men is helping us all dress better.


Rule the Beach! Alpinestars Boardies

It's not quite beach weather yet, but now's a good time to check out the recently debuted boardies lineup from Alpinestar. And win a pair!


The Next Level of Urban Style

LA-based Crooks & Castles merges streetwear and high fashion to create a signature look that represents the lifestyle of its fans. We asked design director Emil Soriano about the company’s backstory, celebrity endorsers and what’s to come.


Threads: Apolis

Raan Parton and Hilmar Skagfield take you through LA’s Apolis, an up-and-coming clothing store founded on the simple idea that people can live better lives when they are given equal access to the global marketplace. And sweet duds, of course.


Sharp! New York Street Style 2

Regardless of where you live, it’s tricky to channel trends without sacrificing personal style. During our second foray into and around New York Fashion Week, we met several gents seeking to strike that balance. Did they succeed? Check ’em out and see…


Deconstructing the Classics 2

In this style dissection of classic icons, we show you how to dress like a reggae legend, a Hollywood rebel and the original Alfie himself. Check out Deconstructing the Classics 2.


MAGIC Moments: Vegas Style

We’ve studied NYC street style, but what are gents sporting across the country? We headed to MAGIC, Sin City’s big, twice-annual men’s apparel and accessory trade show, to find out. And let’s just say things got pretty, well, colorful…


Katrina Bowden Keeps It Clean

Katrina Bowden is teaming up with Gillette to help get guys kissably smooth skin in Spring Break hotspots like Miami, Daytona Beach, Panama City and Vegas.


Threads: Sandast

You don’t have to fly to Italy to score fine distressed leather goods. Los Angeles-based Sandast is a throwback to traditional handmade craftsmanship. In the latest episode of Threads, co-founders Milan Franeta and Chris Pak give you the full tour.


Nordstrom Men’s Shop Creative Director Andy Comer Talks Style

As the clothing retail giant’s new Men’s Creative Director, this man is on a mission to make us all look sharp. We caught up with the sartorial star to find out how well men are dressing these days. And believe it or not, we aren’t doing half-bad...


Fresh! New York Street Style

During last month’s Fashion Week, we hit the streets of Manhattan in search of guys who exemplify NYC style. Get a glimpse of what we found in Fresh! New York Street Style.


Style Tips for the College Grad

College is a blast, but when you leave it, your wardrobe has to evolve. So we’ve lined up expert advice on how to dress for success, respect and, yes, your first real job. Take note of these helpful tips.


Tommy Hilfiger Stays Preppy

This just in: prep is alive and well. Just ask Tommy Hilfiger, whose 1,100 stores dot 90 countries and rack up more than $5 billion in retail sales per year. We caught up with the American style icon in Los Angeles to talk trends, tips and… Belgian loafers.


4 Great All Round Body Hair Trimmers

No one likes a Sasquatch, and most certainly no one likes dating a Sasquatch. So if you're rocking 90% body hair do yourself, and your girl, a favor and check out these four Great All Round Body Hair Trimmers. It is no easy task to keep that unruly body hair at bay, but these trimmers make it a cinch. No matter what your needs may be, one of these is sure to fit your desires and your budget. …


Threads: Alex Maine

People. Patriotism. Pants. In the latest Threads, Alex Maine CEO and founder Bron Heussenstamm takes you through a clothing shop where you can drink, play foosball, watch sports and, yes, score crazy comfortable pants, made in the USA.


Deconstructing the Classics

Want to be as timeless as Newman or Grant? We’ve deconstructed the best looks of these classically cool dressers and their brethren, identifying every element so you can steal their steeze, piece by piece. Their swagger? Well, buddy, that’s up to you.


9 Smart Curated Style Shops

With the streets of New York, Paris, London and Milan returning to normal after Fashion Week, perhaps it’s time to up the ante with your own wardrobe. Start with this roundup of our favorite online retailers that do the fashion finding for you. Huzzah!


Styling Out With Tyga’s Last Kings

The rising rapper boasting mega hits like “Rack City” and “Faded”—and 13 million Facebook and Twitter followers—has a vision that extends beyond music. As Tyga rolls out his new clothing line, we caught up with the Young Money star in Las Vegas…


John Varvatos Talks Style, Success

The force of nature behind an ever-growing men’s brand, John Varvatos is a leading authority on what looks good. As Made Man’s Elements of Style kicks off, we caught up with the icon to inquire about stylishness, Fashion Star and the secrets of his success.


A Century of American Style

In this month of style, we are compelled to look back in order to look forward. So here are a few themes and looks that have made an impact over the past hundred years. For better or worse, each one has shaped what we wear in America today.