It’s that time of year where there is bound to be snow on the ground. And you know what that means. One of your idiot friends is going to make a snowball and hit you in the face with it as a “goof”. Ha-ha.

That’s when you go to your trunk and take one of these babies out: the Snofling, the ultimate in snowball warfare. It looks harmless–almost like a wiffle ball bat. But the Snofling is capable of so much more. Shaped like a trumpet, just stab some fresh snow with the open end, and when you pick it up a perfect snowball is formed inside, no cold hands necessary. Fastest snow flinger south of the North Pole. And as long as there is snow all around you, you can rapid-fire these things continuously. Oh, and when you blow in the skinny end, the Snofling makes a party noise (read: battle trumpet). Twelve of these things only costs $16, so you should get a few hundred, head to a valley of fresh snow with as many friends, and Braveheart the F out of each other with your Snoflings. You can order them here.