If you’ve got a riot to quell, or just something valuable to transport—money, jewels, your prized collection of 1992 Topps trading cards—you could drive yourself or call Uber. But that’s leaving you susceptible to all manner of risk. So if you really want to secure yourself and your cargo, try something a little bigger. A little stronger. And with a few more gun ports.

The Inkas Hudson APC is an “armored personnel carrier” that’s built on a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 platform and custom-fitted for law enforcement agencies and others requiring something more than your average SUV.  It’s got a 4.5L V8 diesel engine and four-wheel drive for getting into and out of tight spots quickly, and the lightweight materials used to reinforce the vehicle result in it weighing half as much as other similar options while still protecting you from assault rifle fire and hand grenades.

The truck holds up to eight passengers and one turret operator (oh yeah, there’s a turret), the glass is bullet-resistant, and the caged windows can double as gun ports. So it’s got everything you need for transporting a crew and keeping safe in the process.

You can receive a quote via the website, and get to work customizing a truck for your company, your police department or whatever else might require one of these things…

It’s not really a daily driver.