Dallas is one of the most beautiful cities in the Southwest, and its rivalry with Houston as the most important city in the state of Texas is never-ending. Dallas is home to four Major League sports teams and some of the great restaurants in the state, but you don’t have to spend money to enjoy your time there. Here are four things you can do in Dallas that are free.

Dealey Plaza

If you have any interest in the John F. Kennedy assassination, you will be drawn to Dealey Plaza to see where the 35th President of the United States was shot and killed on November 22, 1963. You can walk around Dealey Plaza and see the Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired his rifle from a sixth-floor window as well as the Grassy Knoll, the North Pergola and the Triple Underpass. Conspiracy theorists believe that shots were fired from behind a fenced area on the Grassy Knoll, while Abraham Zapruder took his famous home movie of the assassination from a pedestal on the North Pegola. After Kennedy was shot, his limousine sped to the hospital, racing under the Triple Underpass and onto the Stemmons Freeway.

Public ArtWalk Dallas!


The city of Dallas has put more than 300 pieces of well-known art work on display throughout the city to enhance public parks, buildings and pedestrian walkways. Many of the art pieces have been composed by well-known artists. There is also a 3.3-mile walking tour that highlights 30 of the most beautiful pieces of art on display in the city.


Fine Arts Chamber Players

If you need music to soothe the savage beast, you can enjoy a free concert courtesy of the Fine Arts Chamber Players, who perform at the Sammons Center for the Arts in downtown Dallas. The Chamber Players perform a series of free concerts and also participate in the annual Basically Beethoven Festival.

Cowboys Red River

Whether you are visiting Dallas or live in the city, you can get free two-step dance lessons at Cowboys Red River. You can learn this traditional dance or the West Coast Swing by heading to Cowboys Red River once a month for dance lessons. Dancers of all skill levels are welcome to dance, learn or just watch.