Bartels Harley Davidson in Marina Del Rey, CA (not that far from where we are at Made Man), is going to unveil the one-and-only $1 million Harley Davidson on October 21st of this year. It’s called the jack Armstrong Cosmic Starship.

The bike is adorned with his unique style of art which he describes as Cosmic Existentialism. Like his paintings, decorating this classic cruiser are extreme colors and textures. Words magically appear throughout his paintings when viewed at different angles with his bold signature JACK, often in the center. Armstrong’s "Cosmic Extensionalism", along with his three 1st edition art books titled: "Cosmic Dream Museum", "The Last Wizard" and "Star Trip" can be seen at According to Armstrong there will be a small sign placed next to the million dollar motorcycle saying, "If you are not Lady GaGa, Scarlett Johansson or Sylvester Stallone DO NOT TOUCH THIS HARLEY!"