Speaker placement should be more of an art than it is – most casual users place their speakers with passing regard for sound quality. Instead, they use the criteria of “where am I least likely to trip over this” as the guiding principle of their placement. Artcoustic Speakers seeks to change how you place your speakers from both a functional, and design perspective.

Here’s how it works. You pick out your speaker setup, then you browse the Artcoustic gallery of artwork for a piece that gets printed onto the proprietary Artcoustic speaker screens. Now, you’ve got decorative wall art that, instead of getting in the way of your surround sound speakers, is your surround sound.

The Artcoustic speakers are modular, so you can pick-and-choose the speakers that you want for your system of varying complexity.  They have a 5-channel sound bar for the ‘one and done’ school of audiophiles, or you can upscale all the way up to a 5-channel system.

Don’t like the Artcoustic art? Well it would be a poor excuse for a speaker customization site if they didn’t allow you to put up your own masterworks (or high-res versions of somebody else’s).  Just go to their website, make sure your art meets their resolution requirements, and place your order.