Some people think that the quiet art of golf is something better felt than seen. You can’t put a number on how the perfect wrist rotation feels or the feeling you get when you see your drive head dead, solid perfect over a long par 5. Well, you couldn’t.   Now, you definitely can. You can put a few numbers on it.

A company called Sensosolutions out of Germany has unveiled what they’re referring to as the world’s first digital golf glove. The idea is that sensors in the glove itself read the pressure that the user is exerting on the club. This data is then transferred to a 1.2-inch, water-resistant LED screen on the back of the glove where the user can read it, and adjust their grip accordingly. You won’t see it on the tour any time soon, as this kind of technology would be against PGA REGULATIONS. But, for only $89, this garment/gadget might be worth taking a swing with. Sensoglove