Jello shots get a bad name – they’re what first year sorority rushes get too-intoxicated off of because there’s always room for Jello, and that’s not always a good thing when the Jello in question is full of firewater. However, My Jello Americans has raised the bar on the Jello shot with an overwhelmingly exhaustive collection of high-brow, tony Jello shots the likes of which we’d be proud to serve at our next salon.

It’s put well by the women that run the site, we think: “My Jello Americans is like any other. Two savagely attractive women get snowed in one cold February in Philadelphia with booze, gelatin and astonishing natural creativity.”

Indeed. In keeping with their free-spirited, mold-to-your-surroundings attitude, they don’t include any exact measurements on their site. Which is fine with us. Just give us the ingredients and we’ll figures something out – that’s manginuity. Check out a few of our favorite shots below, then get to work on your own.

MJA School of Etymology

The Mesozoic

Mac n Cheese

Bacon Wrapped Melon