It’s frickin‘ ridiculous. In full disclosure I am an iPhone buyer and user so I am a bit biased in my feeling. This being said, regardless of cost I would be the first to admit I din’t get my money‘s worth out of something.

I am getting sick and tired of people bashing the iPhone that don’t even own one nor have even had it in their hand for 5 minutes. Is ther too much hype? Sure it gets to be a bit much reading about the iphone on every single site you go to , but there’s reasoning behind it. It is so simply a far superior product than anything out there that people are excited. If you bought one and aren’t happy then you deserve to bash the thing. If you bash it because because others love it so much than you are just spiteful.

Sure I like the attention I get when I am using the thing in public but you know what I like even more? Watching Finding Nemo on the way to the family reunion. Not having to scroll the first 5 voicemail messages from my wife and going straight to the 6th one that I really wanted to hear. Going to ESPN and looking at the actual website instead of some makeshift version of it. And finally, having a gadget so well layed out an and easy to use that I can hand it to my 7 year old and she be entertained for the whole hour and a half trip. Try that with a Blockberry.