I have received numerous emails saying that Downtrader and Ugly’s fonts don’t match the real fonts of the game. If you look at the fonts on his final score and the fonts when you play the game you’ll notice the “o” is curved to sharp He did announce that he was a big winner on his web page. He couldn’t possibly have cheated and then taken the glory that comes with winning this illustrious contest? Was Ugly in on it as well? He had the same font. The answer is NO. I received 10 or so entries with that same kind of font. I believe it had to do with the browser. I really am not going to take the time to figure out why some looked different but I think he won it fair and square so give him props . His score was doubled by Tolisimus so he isn’t even close to the champ Tol. Thanks Andy for trying to help but I don’t think we got duped.