Do Hangover Pills Work?

By Evan Weinstein Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Evan and I work in the Break Media office. Yesterday one of the editors of Made Man walked out of his office with a white box and made a beeline to my cubicle. He asked if I planned to get drunk for St. Patrick’s Day. I said “of course.” He gave me the white box and told me it was a hangover cure kit for the next day, courtesy of …


The 30 Greatest Movie Lesbian Scenes

There are few things in life better than watching two famous actresses go at it on screen. Turns out quite a few of them have done it, too. In a scholarly effort to document all of these occurrences, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 greatest lesbian scenes of all time. Gentlemen, prepare the Google machine. You’re going to want to look these up. 30. Mercy (Ellen Barkin and Peta Wilson) …


CagePotato’s Kings of the (Pickup) Ring

Our buddies at CagePotato just posted a rundown of the six MMA fighters with the most outside-The-Octagon game. Not only is it highly amusing, but it's also totally packed with Chickipedia hotties lik …

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