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What Is A Growing Moon?

To understand what is a growing moon, you must first know that the moon goes through phases. When the moon is growing it, is said to be waxing. When the moon is decreasing in size, it is said to be waning. The period the moon is waxing or growing is between the time of the new moon up until the time of the full moon. This cycle will then reverse. The growing moon will begin to shrink from the time …


How To Paint Converse Sneakers

Knowing how to paint converse sneakers is much like painting any canvas shoe. The canvas is a very porous material that will accept paint well. It is best to find an old pair of Converse sneakers to paint. These shoes can be picked up yard sales or thrift stores for a reasonable price. If you purchase to Converse shoes second-hand, throw the Converse sneakers in the washer with a bit of detergent. …


How To Make An Unconventional Percussion Groups

If you are getting a bit bored just drumming on your drum set, you may want to learn how to make an unconventional percussion group. An unconventional percussion group is a group that uses multiple ob …

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