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What Do Contractions Feel Like?

If you really want to know what do contractions feel like when that intense moment arrives, keep reading. A pregnant woman will depend on a lot of things from her doctor. She will depend on her doctor for prenatal care and to ease her worries about the health of her baby. However, the one thing her doctor may not be able to help her with is what to expect when she starts to feel contractions; unle …


Prostitution Statistics

Here are surprising prostitution statistics you may not have been aware of. Some consider prostitution as the oldest living profession, but it’s also an illegal profession. There are many risks that come with prostitution. For example, a deadly sexually transmitted disease can be contracted when prostituting. The ultimate price can also be paid: prostitutes have lost their lives trying to ma …


Trust Quotes And Sayings

These trust quotes and sayings will help you with trust issues you may have. Trust is not something that’s given, but earned. If you are honest and respectful, trust is something you will receiv …

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