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Selena Quintanilla Biography

The Selena Quintanilla biography is an abrupt story of triumph and heartbreak. Known to millions as only Selena, the Latin and Pop music sensation stole hearts and created an entertainment legacy living well beyond her tragically shortened life. What are some facts that you should know about Selena Quintanilla Pérez?  The Selena Quintanilla Pérez early years. Selena was born …


Sun Poisoning Rash Treatment

Do you need a sun poisoning rash treatment?  For those prone to either of the two types of “sun poisoning”, treating the itchy, red rash is of utmost importance.  Photodermatitis, or the inflammatory skin reaction due to excess light from the sun, is not extremely common—but, for those experiencing the allergic-like reactions, it can quickly zap the joy f …


Youngest Person To Give Birth

Who is the youngest person to give birth? The answer may surprise and horrify many by modern standards. The youngest female human to give birth according to documented records was Lina Medina—a …

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