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How To Treat Mono

Knowing how to treat mono is an important thing to know, because there is no cure for it. Since it is a viral infection, antibiotics usually don’t have a strong enough effect to help too much, although they can be prescribed in some cases. Here are a few at treatments you can use to ease the symptoms and to help your mono go away that much faster: Get a lot of rest. One of the main s …


How To Make A Soccer Net

Learning how to make a soccer net is a quick process, and a soccer net can really improve this backyard sport. Soccer nets are simple in structure, so making one at home is a piece of cake. To make a soccer net, you will need: Thick netting Industrial glue (such as E6000) Several zip ties Four ten ft PVC pipes Six pipe elbows Four pipe tees To st …


How To Clean Converse

Learning how to clean your Converse shoes is a task that many people feel cautious about approaching because of the value of these shoes. However, there are a few ways that they can be scrubbed clean …

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