Anna David

Anna David is the author of the novels Party Girl and Bought and the non-fiction books Reality Matters and Falling for Me. She’s written for The New York Times, The LA Times, Women’s Health, People, Us Weekly, Maxim, Vanity Fair, Cosmo, Redbook, Self, TV Guide, Variety, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Salon, among others. Learn more at

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The 5 Worst Ways to Break Up

It’s a fact: we’ve all been dumped. And anyone who says it doesn’t matter how it happens hasn’t, say, learned a relationship was over when the guy updated his Friendster “Who I Want to Meet” section with qualities you most definitely don’t possess. I know I’m dating myself here, but it’s true. I have never had a knowledge of fine wine or fluency in Spanish—skills that a guy I was dating announced …


How to Hook Up on Tinder

On this new dating app, everyone's looking for no-strings sex. But you can still screw things up, unless you follow these 8 tips.


How Women View Your Dating Profile

Nowhere do guys seem to neglect the differences between genders more than in the world of web-based romance. So please consider these 10 facts about how ladies look at dating profiles. It’ll pay off b …

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