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Best Olympic Platform Diving Athletes

The best Olympic platform divers have gone deep into their hearts, pooling their resources to emerge as champions in their own right. Diving is a subdivision of aquatics which comprise of swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving. This water sport became popular in the 18th century when the Germans and Swedes competed. It was not until 1901 that diving officially gained recognition as …


Muay Thai Speed Drills

Muay Thai speed drills are a series of exercises, which form a branch of martial arts originally from Thailand over five hundred years ago. Muay Thai practitioners use the fists, feet, elbows and knees in fights and are usually fast. This learnt quickness also decides the outcome in encounters. Muay Thai kicks and punches are executed with speed and as such, the opponent must respond quickly to bl …


Best Indian Cricket Players

The best Indian cricketers have excelled in cricket bowling and batting moves, either rustling up high scores or outlining several batsmen. Since its introduction to India in the 18th century, cricket …

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