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10 Songs About Hating Work

These 10 songs about hating work leave no question about whether getting up in the morning is pleasant. Discussing the pain of needing to slave away at a miserable job which makes you feel like your soul is dying, these songs are entertaining and hit quite close to home for many listeners. So crank up the volume on that dreaded Monday morning and let these songs tell you that you’re not alon …


10 Country Sad Songs 2010

These 10 country sad songs 2010 had to offer are some of the best songs of the year—country or not. Although sad, these songs contain moving lyrics and melodious harmonies that make them unforgettable. "Ten". In this song Jewel displays the talent which has kept her in the music world for almost a decade. In “Ten”, she discusses the need to maintain perspective …


Top Ten Bollywood Movies

The top ten Bollywood movies display the creativity and culture of Indian filmmakers. These films are energetic, moving and, of course, entertaining, but they also show the talent behind Bollywood act …

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