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10 Best Christmas Spanish Songs

Christmas is a time for celebrating, and the 10 best Christmas Spanish song will get you on your way. These songs originate from Spain and date back to the Middle Ages. They offer the right dose of Latin flare with heavy American influences. Enjoy your multicultural holiday with a sampling of the ten best Christmas Spanish songs. “Feliz Navidad.” “Feliz Navidad,” or …


10 Best Female Rock Stars Of The 80’s

The 10 best female rock stars of the '80s all share a hard edge with a sultry look. These female rock stars reached the top of the charts in the '80s and proved their talent with lasting staying power. Pat Benatar Pat Benatar was one of the ultimate female rock stars of the '80s. Her combination of passionate lyrics and her sultry voice with songs like “Promises in the Da …


10 Gift Ideas For Elderly

Finding gift ideas for the elderly requires some research, but these 10 gift ideas for the elderly offer some suggestions for you. Seniors experience problems with vision, hearing and circulation and …

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