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Bruce Jenner Net Worth

1976 Olympic Gold Medal winner (Decathlon) Bruce Jenner has a net worth of $100,000,000+. He is the only Olympic Gold Medal holder with that distinction. Winning the gold just doesn't pay that well. How did this left-handed dyslexic from New York find success beyond anybody's wildest dreams? He followed the money. What do Americans spend more money on than anything else? Weight loss an …


Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Guys wish girls knew all manner of things as you can see in the list of things guys wish girls knew. This is completely mutual. Until the sexes start having open, honest communications, articles such as this will be necessary. Don't disrespect. It's hurtful and hateful. Disrespecting a man includes shaming, mocking, belittling, the silent treatment, and a host of other negative beh …


10 Best Home Coming Songs

Songs which make you homesick is the criteria for these 10 best home coming songs. They tell a tale of the place you left behind, that which you think of when you hear the word "home". …

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