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Phoenix Bios

Writing Phoenix bios is not easy to do, because the group rarely gives interviews. Phoenix is a band that was started in Versaillies, France. There are four members in the band as well as several other supporting members. Phoenix won a Grammy award in 2010. Today, millions of alternative music listeners are waiting for the band members to come to their town. Thomas Mars. Thomas is the band …


Women Bodybuilders

Women bodybuilders began participating in bodybuilding competitions in the 1960s and the events were then known as bikini contests. Individuals familiar with the sport say the first championship was held in Canton, Ohio in 1978. Women bodybuilders often become authors, actors, and celebrities when their weightlifting careers end. Nikki Fuller. Nikki was born in Dayton, Ohio on January 23, 1968 …


Puma Rifles

The Puma Rifles are manufactured by a company named Chiappa (say ke appa) Firearms in Azzano Mella, Italy. Puma rifles are used mostly for competition, reenactments, recreation, and game sport. Keep i …

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