10 Free Safe Porn Sites

When you’re searching for porn, you should know at least 10 free safe porn sites to surf. After all, no one likes nasty viruses or malware on their computer. We’ve provided you with a safe harbor to dip your feet into the ocean of online porn—no credit card required! 1. This porn site offers free, safe porn. Here, you can enjoy the convenience of searching for your video by using keyw …


8 Must-Have Apps For Every Man

Mobile devices are great. Due to technology that’s pushed companies to new heights, you can really customize them to your heart's content. We're not talking about custom wallpapers and themes, either. We're talking widgets and, most importantly, apps. Here are a few must-have apps for every man. WatchESPN WatchESPN is perfect when your girlfriend just insists on having a night out on the …


5 Reasons Women Love Bearded Men

It's been rumored that beards have magical powers, and that's probably true. My friend Marc, a bearded guy, is somehow able to fly. It's never been something that we've questioned. Sometimes we'll see …

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