Bruce Bozzi Jr.

Representing the fourth generation behind his family’s restaurant business, Bruce Bozzi Jr. is nearly indistinguishable from The Palm. Having literally grown up in the business, Bruce is wholly dedicated to The Palm’s philosophy to “treat guests like family, serve great food, and always exceed expectations.” As Executive Vice President of The Palm Restaurant Group, Bruce directs the company’s marketing, culinary, and human resource teams and regularly visits Palm locations throughout the country to ensure that all restaurants maintain the same rigorous standards of quality, hospitality, and tradition.


High Steaks: Perfect New York Strip

Few things impress quite like a home-cooked meal, and you can’t go wrong with an expertly prepared steak. Which is why we’ve asked The Palm’s Bruce Bozzi Jr. to deliver a four-part series on it. He begins by explaining all you need to know about his favorite kind…


High Steaks 4: Hanger Time

For the final segment of his mouth-watering steak series, Bruce Bozzi Jr. of The Palm chops up the classic yet often-underrated hanger steak. Done right, it can rival higher-seeded cuts in terms of impressiveness, memorable-ness and flavor. Here’s how.


High Steaks 3: Rock the Rib Eye

This steak doesn’t just have a manly name—it also tastes so great it’ll knock your socks off. Not to mention the socks of whoever is lucky enough to be joining you for a meaty feast with it as the cen …

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