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5 Best Belgian Beers

With so many breweries imitating the style on today's market, it is high time to compile an authentic 5 best Belgian beers list. As any good beer snob should know, Belgians have been brewing beer since the middle ages, and one can literally taste the craftsmanship infused in every flavor and variety. If you thought Germany was the only place in Europe for a good quality pint, think again. Here …


10 Best Guitar Pro Songs

There's no better way to learn how to rock than Guitar Pro, so here's the ten best Guitar Pro songs you can find out there. If you haven't used Guitar Pro, you're surely missing out. Guitar Pro is the tab editing software that lets you speed up, slow down, change keys, tunings, or otherwise mess with the songs you want to learn. It's the best thing to happen to tab since its in …


How To Pull Back Foreskin

In the modern American culture of circumcision, a surprising number of men with natural genitals don't know how to pull back foreskin. This is a problem, as cleaning under the foreskin is necessar …

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