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10 Best Pop Album Covers

Choosing the 10 best pop album covers in no easy task. Rising to the height of its popularity in the 1980’s, pop music has gone through up and downs. The music is known as much for it’s fun as it is for it’s sound. In an age when albums were still cool, the covers were one of the most fun things about “pop.” Dr. Dre – "The Chronic." Since …


5 Best Electronic Albums

Electronica was supposed to be the savior of the music industry during the waning years of the twentieth century, so naming the 5 best electronic albums should be an easy task. As the Internet, streaming video, and cable television systems became the dominant media, music changed also. One thing that never changed was the quality of good material. Anyone who listens to the five albums on this list …


5 Best Trance Albums

The explosion of electronic music into the mainstream makes naming the 5 best trance albums a challenge. The genre is constantly evolving and the difference or similarities between trance, house, tech …

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