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Merlot Food Pairing

Merlot food pairing is a simple task to master, you only need a few basic background rules. Number one, forget everything you hear about how only certain wines go with certain foods. Wine connoisseurs aren't the only people who can enjoy wine, normal people can too and you don't need a wealth of knowledge to do it. Here's a few tips to get you started with merlot food pairing: …


How To Fold Paper Napkins At A Picnic

Learning how to fold paper napkins at a picnic is simple, you don't need to make it more than it is. Picnics have a relaxed atmosphere, there is no need to impress with snobbish swan napkin decorations. Use one or two of these tips on how to fold paper napkins for your picnic guests, then get the party started! Rectangle Fold Fold paper napkins in half and place with the creased side o …


10 Picnic Essentials

Picnic’s are a great way to spend a beautiful day with the ones you love; get it right with these 10 picnic essentials to make your picnic a breeze. By packing the essentials, you will be avble …

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