Cherley Grogg


What Is The Prism Weight Loss Program?

Want to know, "What is the Prism weight loss program?" As a Christian alternative to group weight loss programs, Prism receives great praise from its followers.  The body needs nourishment, but comfort and stress relief needs to come from other sources. As in other weight loss programs, the emphasis goes on changing your attitude about food in order to accomplish permanent weight lo …


How To Roll Your Abdominal Muscles

Learning how to roll your abdominal muscles increases the body's core strength and allows for easier movements and less pain.  The stomach muscles are often some of the weakest, people tend to make up for this fact by letting the back take all the strain. This causes our backs to end up hunched, tense, and overarched. Find relief from lower back pain by learning to roll your abdominal mus …


How To Stretch Boots For High Arch Feet

Lack of choices forces men to learn how to stretch boots for high arch feet. The boot is priced right—fabulous color and style—it fits perfectly, except for across the arch. The sales cler …