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10 Martial Arts Strength Training Tips

Here are 10 Martial Arts strength training tips for developing your powerhouse potential. Bruce Lee successfully gained 30 pounds of muscle using strength training techniques, retaining his shocking speed and prowess. Strength equals power and indirectly affects the speed of punches and kicks. Push ups with hands in fists. This works biceps and triceps more directly than flat handed push u …


Guide To Dating Indian Women

This guide to dating Indian women is the first step towards meeting your cross-cultural dating goals. Depending on the Indian immersion her family holds to, an Indian woman may or may not be open to dating someone of another race. Traditionally, women from India are obligated to marry within their ethnicity, but more westernized Indian women are open to dating non-Indian men. Indian people tend to …


Guide To Dating Latin Women

If you are attracted to and want to experience success when dating Latin women, follow this guide to dating Latin women. Respect the Latin culture and appreciate the differences you find. Latin women …

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