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10 Famous Rapper Quotes

These 10 famous rapper quotes exemplify that rappers have just as much to say off stage as they do on it. When they talk, people are bound to listen.  Eminem.  He’s one of America’s best rappers/hip hop artists. Over the span of his career, Eminem has plenty of great quotes—some controversial, some outrageous, and some just plain candid. When it comes to fa …


10 Best Indian Girl Boobs

Here is a list of 10 of the best Indian girls' boobs that'll make you forget all about the fake plastic racks in Hollywood. That is, of course, if you're a guy who prefers all things natural. Here are our picks of Indian girls' boobs that are worth a look or two.  Celina Jaitley. Born in Simla, India, this beauty wanted to grow up and join the army just like her dad (an Army Colonel), either a …


10 Best Love Songs For Girlfriends

Every girl likes a good love song, so be sure to make one of the ten best love songs for girlfriends your special song. It will convey how you feel, and she'll love you for it. Here's the list …

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