Chrystal Mahan


10 Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Tips

Before beginning a motorcycle restoration, be sure to consider vintage motorcycle restoration tips from many sources. Each motorcycle has individual idiosyncrasies that need to be considered. When repaired properly, vintage motorcycles are beautiful and valuable. Record your progress by taking digital pictures. The first vintage motorcycle restoration tip can save you a great deal of time …


10 Home Stereo Wiring Tips

The following 10 home stereo wiring tips can save you a great amount of time and trouble when installing your home stereo gear. Although these systems can be very labor-intensive to install, the resulting system is worth the work. Consider in-wall installation. Although installing stereo gear in the wall is more expensive, speakers look better when not adorned with unsystematic wires. …


How To Make A PVC Slant Board For Ab Workouts

Learn how to make a PVC slant board for ab workouts and keep your abs shredded year round. Regular ab workouts can boost your fitness, health, and self confidence. Getting to the gym every day, howeve …

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