Claire Evora


5 Kinky Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Be a warrior against bedroom ennui by trying at least one of these 5 kinky things to do with your girlfriend. So many ladies have a kink in their tail if you scratch the surface. You can non-threateningly pop one of these ideas on her with the innocent question "have you ever.....?" and listen to her response. Any of these ideas can be done with your girlfriend in either role, so don' …


10 Blonde Busty Actresses

Have a thing for big breasted blondes and wondering who are the best ten blonde busty actresses ever? Blonde, busty actresses have been mesmerizing audiences for decades. Here are ten of the hottest from the past and present, in no particular order. Enjoy! Scarlett Johansson. See Johansson in “He’s Just Not That Into You” for the curvier, bustier version of this tasty act …