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Stage 5 Clinger Definition

A stage 5 clinger is a term used to describe a person (generally a female, but not always) who is extremely obsessive or needy with their romantic partner. Generally this person will be possessive and obsessive with their partner because he or she took their virginity, but it can also occur with individuals who were not virgins, as well. This is a term used to describe a male or female who is too …


Brainy Quotes

Brainy quotes are quotes that are smart and intelligent, and are always useful to those looking to succeed with career, academic, or financial matters. Being smart and brainy is the way to find success life, and if you are intelligent and have a powerful drive, you will most likely will go far. One can take the following list of brainy quotes as inspiration and may apply it to his or her own life. …


What Does Sex Feel Like

What does sex feel like? In all honesty, sex may feel differently from person to person, but in general, sex feels pleasurable to both males and females. One of the main reasons humans engage in sex a …

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