Cynthia Neatherlin


Groundhog Day Activities

Like Halloween, Groundhog Day activities are not just for kids anymore, so let’s make February 2 more than for speculating if spring is around the corner or if winter will last longer. Some adults feel too many Groundhog shadows have passed them by to get into the groove, but groundhogs need to start receiving some much-deserved respect! Here’s what you do. Start by decorating your par …


Easy Water Ski Tricks

After mastering how to water ski, you may feel it’s time to try a few easy water ski tricks. Performing water ski tricks is a fantastic way to get rid of excess energy, and let’s face it; it’s a great way to show off your water skiing prowess in front of the bikinis. However, when learning, you would be wise to have two people in the boat-one to drive, of course, and a spotter. M …


Quotes From Songs For Weddings

Whether they admit or not, most everyone has guilty pleasures including favorite quotes from songs for weddings. Gentle, tender, sentimental movies, books and songs provide a blessed escape from …

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