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10 Iconic Women In Business

The 10 iconic women in business on this list became famous (and infamous) for being impressive business women. To all of these strong women, breaking the glass ceiling comes naturally. Their names and products are recognized as symbols of quality and greatness which gives them the status of iconic women in business. Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart began her business education fresh out of c …


How To Write A Treatment To Pitch A Comedic TV Show

Having a great idea for a comedy TV show will not get you an audience with a TV producer, but knowing how to write a treatment to pitch a comedic TV show may. Take your comedic TV show idea and form it into a top notch treatment, ready to be pitched to producers. Here’s how to write a treatment for a comedic TV show: 1. Start the treatment with the title of the show. Have a catchy title …


How To Become A Certified Chef

A chef competing for a better job can give himself the competitive edge by learning how to become a certified chef. Being certified assures prospective employers that you are trained in nutrition, foo …

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