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5 Best Mountain Bikes Of 2008

Looking for the 5 best mountain bikes of 2008? There were many new technical upgrades to mountain bikes in 2008. Keep in mind that the most expensive mountain bikes are rarely the best bikes. Here is a list if the 5 best mountain bikes of 2008, and most of them are quite affordable. "Rockhopper Pro Disc" - This mountain bike is specked similar to a cross-country race bike, yet is …


5 Worst Famous Disney Movie Quotes

Disney has had  some really awful quotes in some of their movies, so it is extremely hard to create a list of the 5 worst Disney movie quotes. Some of the older Disney movies have what appear to be strange quotes, but at the time the films were made that was considered normal talk. Here are the 5 worst famous Disney "I never want to see a naked man again" from "Mulan&qu …


10 Funny Rap Parodies

Here are 10 funny rap parodies that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Parodies of rap songs have been very successful. The combination of a great beat and a familiar tune combines with new …

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