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How To Add Bots On Battlefield 2 Local

Need to know how to add bots on Battlefield 2 Local server? Adding bots is a pretty simple task and can be easily done in a matter of minutes. However, there is a limit to the amount of bots you can add to your "Battlefield 2 Local" server, 32 bots to be exact. This limit can easily be bypassed, which will also be discussed here. Before you proceed to bypass the bot limit, make sure …


Battlefield 2 For PS2: How To Stop The Train

Need to know how to stop the train in Battlefield 2 for PS2? This article will tell you exactly how to do this. Stopping and destroying the train is not too difficult if you know what to do. So follow the instructions and you will be able to stop the train with ease. Wait until the commander is done briefing you on the situation. At the start of the level 'End of the Line,' the com …


5 Best ‘Titanic’ Movie Quotes

Want to know the 5 best "Titanic" movie quotes? While opinion on the best "Titanic" movie quotes can vary from person to person. Therefore, what are listed here may not be the best …

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