Dennis Nishi

Dennis Nishi is a Los Angeles-based business and lifestyle writer who has worked for an unsettling number of magazines that have the word “fitness” in the title, including Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness and Muscle & Fitness. He also regularly contributes to the Wall Street Journal, BBC World Service and various NPR radio programs, but his crowning achievement is riding a horse in a major motion picture, The Last Samurai.


Oregon PowerNow Cordless Chainsaw

Chainsaws have come a long way since the days when Leatherface first terrified buxom scream queens. With this 6400 rpm electric model, we cut three dead trees into four neat piles of firewood before running down the first battery. A hefty yet nimble 12 pounds, the PowerNow CS250E ($499) had plenty of torque to pull through branches, a particle board couch (see inset), tree trunks and a mannequin h …


Schwinn Vestige

Schwinn gives this commuter bike an intriguing eco-twist thanks to a recyclable flax fiber frame. Turns out the cereal ingredient has the lightweight, vibration-dampening powers of carbon fiber, plus a much lower manufacturing carbon footprint. Bamboo grips and fenders add to the feeling you’re saving the planet with every ride. But here’s the really cool thing: the Vestige ($1,470) literally shin …


Nerf Foam Dart Guns

When I was a kid, Nerf was something that you could throw at your little brother without fear of leaving a mark. In the past few years, Nerf has since morphed into an arms dealer to adolescents (and t …

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HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Phone

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