10 Reasons To Love Elle Macpherson

10 reasons to love Elle Macpherson would not be difficult to compile, as she plays an active role in business, charities, and the world of high fashion, while also saving private time for her family. This gorgeous model rose to fame in the '80s alongside Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and others . She remains known as "The Body" and is one of the most famous supermodels of all time. …


10 Hot Italian Actresses

Italy- the land of romance, and the birthplace of these 10 hot Italian actresses who have captured our imagination on the big screen. Kissed by the hot Italian sun, bathed by the warm Adriatic sea, these women seem the very personification of the Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite.  Monica Bellucci. An Elite model as well as an actress. She radiates the warmth and innocence of a child,& …