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How To Clean Copper Jewelry

Knowing how to clean copper jewelry will help you preserve the beauty of your pieces without the expense of having to bring them to a professional cleaner. Read on for tips on how to take care of and clean the copper jewelry in your collection. To clean copper jewelry, you will need: Water A non-metallic container Salt A weak acid (such as vinegar or lemon juice) …


How To Clean Copper Fountains

It's useful to know how to clean copper fountain, because fountains are constantly exposed to water and air, two things guaranteed to make copper look dirty. Keeping your copper fountain clean on a regular basis will prevent tarnishing and stains that might be hard to remove if you wait too long. To clean copper fountains, you will need: Water A weak acid (such as vinegar …


How To Make Chinese New Year Decorations

You can save plenty of money if you know how to make Chinese New Year decorations yourself. Those little red envelopes don't stuff themselves, you know! To make Chinese New Year Decorations, y …

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