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After a stint in NYC (and a brief affair with thin-crust pizza), Emma Sarran returned to her native Chicago, where she grew up loving Michael Jordan, lakeshore beaches and real pizza. An eclectic personality, she’s written about everything from homes to fashion to relationships, in print and online. She is a graduate of Drake University, and has a deep love for social media and cat videos, especially when combined. Follow her on Twitter @eksarran.


The 10 Most Annoying Things Men Do in Relationships

I love you; you’re great; I’m so happy we’re together. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We may be in one of the best relationships ever, but that doesn’t mean either of us is perfect—especially not you. Ever wonder what your most annoying habits as a boyfriend are? Chances are, they’re on this list—and you should ...



What She Thinks of Your Drink

You sidle up to the bar, order a beverage and start strategizing how to impress that beauty across the room. Too late. You’re already subject to all sorts of judgments by the ladies, based solely on your choice of libation. Our (female) dating expert explains…



Fail! The 7 Worst Ways to Propose

While there are many pitfalls on the way to wedded bliss, the weak proposal is one of the worst. This guy here is on the right track, but before you get down on one knee, check out the biggest don’ts ...


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