Gabrielle Compolongo

Gabrielle Compolongo is a young freelance entertainment and lifestyle journalist who writes for TVFanatic, Examiner, Collider and Miami Shoot Magazine. Gabrielle is smart, witty (maybe at times a bit too blunt), has a take on pretty much everything and loves to give straightforward advice to the romantically challenged. (Sometimes, she even follows it.)


How Facebook Ads Can Get You Dates

The Social Network suggests Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to win over a girl. Well, guess what: you can use it to win over lots of girls. How? Through the power of Facebook ads, of course. Check out one dating expert’s field-tested advice.


Carmen Electra Professes Mo Love

Between a new single, a 90210 appearance and movie work, Miss Electra is one busy lady. Thankfully, she took time to chat with us about her latest doings, mood music and a great reason guys sho …

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