Giovanni Martinez

A Native Los Angeleno, Giovanni Martinez has traveled the globe in search of great drinking and eating experiences. He has lived the chivalrous life in over twenty countries as a global brand ambassador for Chivas Regal and has consulted on several bar programs for restaurants in New York and Los Angeles, including Fig and Olive and The Buffalo Club. He is currently Spirits Director at Sadie, a New American, regionally inspired Hollywood restaurant. Obituary to read as follows: “...a gargantuan trencherman, a hard drinker, a Herculean lover, an epicure, a sybaritic fancier of luxuries and all good things in life…”


How to Order for the Bar You’re in

One of the best skills a man can learn is choosing the right booze in any setting. It not only prevents you from looking silly but also increases your enjoyment of both the beverage and the drinking establishment. Follow these expert tips.


Bond Was Wrong: The Real Martini

It’s famous as 007’s favorite, but he’s been asking for it incorrectly. To order or make a real martini, it must be stirred not shaken. That and other rules from our new mixology expert ensure you’ll be sipping the perfect cocktail—and impressing the ladies, too.


5 Drinks That Rock When Done Right

Prohibition did a lot of damage to drinking well in America. Only recently have bartenders begun making things right. Here are some of the best redemption stories behind the stick, plus how to mix the ...

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