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Why Should We Hire You Answer

Make the response to "Why should we hire you" answer a dynamic one. Job competition is escalating. No longer are you competing with a few. In some job situations, hundreds now compete for one entry level position. When asked this question, respond with an answer that will make them want to stand and applaud. At the next interview, use one of the following answers and …


Top Jobs In Demand

What are the top jobs in demand today?  Graduates and others seeking jobs or just a change in careers due to the economic situation in this country need to look at the top jobs where employer needs are not being met.  There are numerous fields and careers where demand for employees far outweighs the supply. Medical Jobs - Jobs in the medical field seem to …


5 Best Wrestling Computer Games

Want to know what the 5 best wrestling computer games are? Most wrestling fans die for these games and enjoy playing them. Of course, make sure your wife or significant other has given you your " …

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