Shower Chairs For Elderly

With the very last of our Baby Boomers reaching middle age, there are a lot of new items on the market to help with growing older - that's where shower chairs for the elderly come in. Statistically speaking, most falls for the elderly occur in the bathroom. I'm not sure if that's because of slippery floors or the fact that that's where the elderly spend a lot of their time! Regardl …


Nortriptyline Side Effects

If you're on one of the most common antidepressant to treat depression, you should be aware of some Nortriptyline side effects. Commonly sold under the trade names Pamelor or Aventyl, the medication nortriptyline is used to treat bipolar depression or other mood disorders. The common nortriptyline side effects are listed below and should be things you should look out for, particularly when you …


Macrobid Side Effects

Macrobid is a strong antibiotic so, if you've got a prescription, you should be aware of some Macrobid side effects. Macrobid is also marketed under the generic name of nitrofurantoin and is used …

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