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How To Make Ice Cream From Scratch

Most people do not know how to make ice cream from scratch anymore. However, with this simple technique you can make your own ice cream without using an ice cream machine. This is an easy and delicious project to do with your kids. Using an ice cream maker will take about twenty minutes. This method takes about three and a half hours, but you do not have to worry about purchasing and storing …


How To Make Sour Milk

Learn how to make sour milk to use for a lot of baked goods. Many older recipes call for sour milk. This is from a time when people did not throw things out and found a use for milk which was no longer sweet enough to drink. It is not a product you find in stores, but if you do not have old milk in the refrigerator then it is easy to make sour milk. Sour milk does not mean that the milk is spoiled …


5 Easy Fall Appetizer Recipes

Having a collection of these 5 easy fall recipes is a must for all the upcoming parties and social events. The nights are cooler and it is time to think about tailgating and family events. Enjoy these …

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