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10 Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Those who have a girlfriend's special day coming up but lacking in terms of cash may need these 10 homemade birthday gift ideas for girlfriends. Let's face it, sometimes these kind of celebrations just come up and sneak up on us men and we are either ill prepared for it because we do not have time to get a gift or are a bit strapped for cash to buy that special someone a gift. Definitely w …


Best Food To Eat Before Drinking

Those who us who love to drink but also want to stay healthy and sober will want to know the best food to eat before drinking. Apart from the overall importance of having plenty of liquids prior to a drinking bout, as liquor will dry up your skin and make you dehydrated, there are three top foods that you should eat before you go out drinking. These foods slow down the absorption of alcohol into y …


5 Best Bangkok Brothels

Should you be going to look for some “hide the snake fun”  in Bangkok Thailand, then it will be best to know which are the 5 Best Bangkok Brothels.  The traditional definition of …