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How To Remove Snowboard Wax

Knowing when and how to remove snowboard wax is critical. If you are repairing a scratch, you must know how much to remove or you risk seriously screwing up your ride.  Here is a foolproof technique for knowing how to remove snowboard wax. To remove snowboard wax you will need: Wax iron Wax brush Heat up the iron. The wax you are using will tell you what temperatur …


How To Clean Mah Jong Tiles

Knowing how to clean Mah Jong tiles will significantly increase the life and vitality of your set. Never wash your tiles in warm, soapy water. This will most likely cause the paint to come off of your Mah Jong set. Just follow these steps to get your Mah Jong tiles looking good as new. Things you'll need to clean Mah Jong tiles: Moist cleaning rag Isopropyl alcohol WD-4 …


How To Create Primitive Furniture Finish Antique

Being able to know how to create primitive furniture finish antique is a great skill to have. It will allow you to decorate furniture to benefit your rustic style, and you will have the sense of satis …

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